Art Saddlery and Carving Leather

Leather, a noble material from the animal world found in the hunter’s range. It comes in very different forms, straps for rifles, cartridge belts, bow quiver, briefcases and other bags.
There are all these accessories in all stores, but it is true that the choice remains modest after all.

Two talents united for exceptional objects

“Hunting in Provence” met for the first time at the Rambouillet hunting fair, an artist with incredible talent. Her name: Maryline Lecourtier.
His two talents. First of all the upholstery by making leather accessories worked with patterns in low relief (method known as “carving”). This upholstery work is in all respects of high quality. The shapes, lacings and seams are made with great care. Then the painted decoration of its patterns, informs us that Maryline is also an informed painter who excels in animal art.

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An artisanal production in which there are no two identical models; the series does not exist. Its clientele is mainly composed of art cutlers who wish to enhance their knives by dressing them in an original sheath at the height of their work.
But also individuals, generally hunters, wishing to exhibit their objects, decorated with a woodcock or a “carving” painted with wild boar.

The wives of hunters are also among the lovers of Maryline’s work. They know how to appreciate original leather bags and wallets where the different ostrich, stingray and reptile leathers blend harmoniously.

Congratulations Maryline for all these beautiful things. And thank you for your participation in the General Assembly of BdR hunters and Terre d’Archers. Two events that took place in our department, where you made us happy by presenting your works to hunters.

Jean-Marc DUVAL
General Secretary PDC 13

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