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The genesis

What defines the craftsman is passion first. For Maryline, she was born from childhood. When she is not on horseback, the little girl sews. She arranges the colors, learns the different points, creates patterns, plays with the materials. Little by little, she weaves her life in shimmering colors. Her clothes are quickly noticed, the girl becomes a young woman and begins to sew on command. The horse occupies the other half of its leisure; she goes up, caresses, observes, understands. Then one day, Maryline is missing a bag adapted to her saddle. The fabric, too fragile, would tear at the first gallop, it’s leather you need. The first test is concluded: the object goes wonderfully, it is solid, practical and beautiful. ; The story begins.

The vocation

The first bag is the beginning of the story. Maryline discovers that she has leather in her skin, many other objects follow and her art is perfected. She learns the techniques, gleans the details, little by little equips herself with the essential equipment to work with living matter. The workshop is expanding with new needles, awls, mattresses, paint too; because Maryline is not only a seamstress, she sculpts and paints to give leather animal faces. A master in the carving technique, she engraves the nuances, brings out the shadows, creates the colors, chisels the lines. His works are living paintings that we carry around. Wolf head quiver, knife cases with fish bodies, waistcoats with Sioux faces, belts, bags, corsets, wallets.

The consecration

Orders are pouring in from an ever more diverse audience: lovers of the beautiful and tailor-made, hunters, photographers, individuals, artists of all stripes. the list is long, but all come together on one point: they find in Maryline what does not exist elsewhere. Maryline has the passion, the first quality of the craftsman, but she also has the talent of the artist. She not only looks good, she shapes a soul to her creations. She was awarded the very famous “Around the Knife” Prize in 2008 and 2010 at the Paris International Salon. These awards dedicate 15 years of experience and crown all of his achievements for art cutlery.

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